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best punishments for losing a bet

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Answer (1 of 15): That all depends on the relationship between the bettors and what the bet is about.

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Have you ever had a bet with someone with the stakes of losing being a punishment?

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I heard of leagues where the loser has to wear nothing but a Speedo, dress up as a woman, dress up as a clown, get waxed, get shaved, ...

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Embarrassing, uncomfortable, time-consuming, and even downright painful punishments for finishing last place in fantasy football leagues have become common practice.

for losing a bet with my boyfriend

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From losing a bet to disciplining your child, take a look at these people who use embarrassment as a way to punish someone (and sometimes show they care)

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If you’re thinking of what punishment to give your partner when they lose your bet, then these bet ideas for couples stand as fun wagers to make memorable

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My Discord: http://bit.ly/SantoroLounge | My Twitc ...

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Do you need fun and creative punishment ideas for losing a bet between your sweetheart?


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