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What are the best simple soccer videogames ... - reddit.com

I'm looking for some general info on what some good SIMPLE soccer games are. I don't know anything about the various series, though I am aware of some names. Virtua Soccer, Sensible Soccer, PES, FIFA, Mario strikers, various indie stuff here and there. Again though, I just know the names, not of their quality/simplicity.

Whats the best soccer game for PC? : gaming - reddit

PC 2 years ago. Kinda tricky. Pro-Evolution Soccer (PES) is generally regarded as having better feeling gameplay than the FIFA games, but otherwise FIFA tends to look better and be a little more immersive. FIFA also has a bunch of licenses that PES doesn't have, which means you're gonna have real players and real teams in the FIFA games.

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What football/ soccer games have you played in ... - reddit.com

ISS Pro and Ronaldo V-Football both on the PS1, Euro 96 on PC, Italia 90 on Master System (one of my earliest memories is playing that game) Championship Manager 97/98 on PC and 01/02 on Xbox. I've never enjoyed any FIFA title more than any of these games at the time of playing. 2. level 2. The-Go-Kid.

Hi everyone - what are the best soccer arcade games I have ...

Hi everyone - what are the best soccer arcade games I have provided a few examples below for reference I really like Natural Soccer on Steam but is has been stopped from being developed since 2015 Then there is Pro Soccer league on iOS and Super Soccer Champ 2021

What is considered the best game in the Fifa series? - reddit

My list of best footie games ever (in amount of fun I had with them): Pes3 (Ps2 / PC) Pes6 (Ps2 / PC) Pes5 (Ps2 / PC) Pes4 (Ps2 / PC) ISS Pro Evolution (Psx) ISS Pro Evolution 2 (Psx) FIFA '98 (Psx) This is Football 2 (Psx) Goalstorm (Psx) Super Kick-Off (Sega Master System) World Cup Italia '90 (Sega MegaDrive / Genesis)

Best football game of all time? : gaming - reddit.com

Best football game of all time? ... Except for the fact that the British invented the word Soccer. 1. ... A subreddit for (almost) anything related to games - video ...

What is your favorite pes version? : WEPES - reddit

Playing PES gets me in a flow pre match as the pacing of the game is a lot closer to real football/soccer than any other video game. That’s it, just a random fun fact. Update: I can’t discuss individual calls in individual games and don’t really want to engage in a VAR debate (plenty of other forums for that), but will respond to PES ...

I am looking for an alternative to Fifa or Efootball soccer ...

I’m over FiFa and PES/eFootball is a train wreck. I think Football manager is a bit to complicated and I still want to play on the field. Is there …