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Referees allowed to use judgement to decide handballs under ...

Rules that led referees to judge virtually every touch of arm and ball to be an offence, resulting in a spate of controversial decisions, had threatened to undermine the credibility of the game ...

Handball Basics

when the referee takes ball possession away • Block or kick the ball using your feet • Hold the ball for more than 3 seconds • Take more than 3 steps with the ball • Bounce the ball, catch it and bounce it again • Enter the goal area with the ball • Touch the ball inside the goal area • Charge the opponent or run into

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IX. Rules of the Game

The referees decide which goal is used. The referees make a coin toss, and the winning team chooses whether they wish to throw first or last. The opposite sequence is used for all subsequent throws, if the throwing has to continue because the score is still tied after the first five throws each.

Handball Sports Rules

Step One Area One: Outside of six-meter (19 ft, 8 1/4 in) mark on left side of goal Area Two: Between six-meter (19 ft, 8 1/4 in) mark and three-meter (9 ft, 10 1/8 in) mark on left side of goal. HANDBALL SPORT RULES. VERSION: June 201620. © Special Olympics, Inc., 2016 All rights reserved.

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The referees align themselves diagonally, with the team players confined between them, so each can observe one sideline. One is the field referee and the other is the goal referee, depending on their positions. These positions automatically switch over on ball turnover.

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A handball game is led by two referees who monitor compliance with the rules. One of the two is used as a goal referee and one as a field referee. Often only one referee is present at games in the lower age groups or lower divisions. It is the job of a referee to count the goals and the penalties.

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USHA Referee Certification. Become a Certified Handball Official today! In our effort to maintain quality and professionalism in officiating in handball, the USHA offers five levels of certification for referees. Read the updated Referee Certification Program HERE. • Attend and complete a referee clinic conducted by a Level Five certified ...

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Officials. A game of handball is officiated by four officials – two referees, a scorekeeper and a timekeeper. The referees are positioned diagonally on court to observe a side line each and ...