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Volleyball Drills and Games for Students from K-12

In Passing 21, after you’ve taught the forearm pass (or bump), allow them to practice in small groups of 4-5 in a circle. Always begin with an underhand toss to someone in the group and have them practice keeping it up. The object is to score 21 with 3 points made for every pass made from the air and 1 point if it bounces. Volleyball 4-Square

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In volleyball, the term bumping refers to passing the ball with the forearms. A player will join her forearms to bump the ball to a teammate for a more precise set or spike. Bumping slows the play down and enables a team to organize an effective counter-attack. Since the skill is so vital to all aspects of the game, ...

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How to Bump a Volleyball: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The easiest way to bump a volleyball is to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent. Lean forward and place one hand on top of the other, with your palms up and your thumbs touching. Stretch your arms out and lift them upward to bump the ball. For more tips on technique, passing, and aiming, read the article!

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Attendees at the 2013 PEACH Workshop at Cal Poly SLO demonstrate how to organize a P.E. class to practice tracking and bumping a volleyball back over the net...

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Bump a ... Often called the backbone of volleyball, bumping is done by closing hands one on top of the other and using the forearms to hit and control the ball.

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Shuffle Bump Relay. Relay games for kids are great because they require teamwork and can include large numbers of players at once. You'll need a large, open gym and a volleyball for each team to play. Kids will learn how to shuffle their feet for positioning and how to bump the ball.

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Here are five warm-up games perfect for getting your squad ready to play their best. Note: Please do not avoid stretching as a result of this article, but let's see if there might be better ways of getting your players' blood pumping, as well as doing activities that better transfer to volleyball.

Basic Volleyball Terminology for Dummies

Volleyball Bump Pass A volleyball bump is done by joining your forearms together to pass a ball. It's most common to pass the ball when it's coming from the other side of the net. However, some passers may decide to play the ball overhead instead of bump passing. Overhead Pass An overhead pass is usually taken with the fingers, up overhead. Taking the ball up overhead with the hands is usually easier to control than passing with the forearms.

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